Thursday, November 3, 2011

hijab not a restriction to muslim women

assalamualaikum and hello peeps...
today's entry is all about muslim women and fashion
who say women that wearing hijab is zero about fashion and wear out of date outfit??
it was totally wrong..
Islam doesn't restrict their women to be fashionable 
as long as the hijab is covered their chest, their cloth are loose 
it's alright...

i have one of my muslim icon fashion here..
meet her..

i'm admiring her because of her hijab is always covered her chest and this is not restrict her to be fashionable by all of her outfit..

even the blouse is quite short but still the long loose skirt make this outfit polite and nice

the blue blouse was quite long and covered the hip

still the loose pants..

the skirt..

muslim girls today have to be smart to choose what fashion that suit with their style..
as long as its not contradict with Islam doctrine 


  1. yep.. that is sooo true... :)

    perempuan solehah, perempuan yg baik, takkan biarkan dirinya tenggelam dan kalah dengan tuntutan nafsu (berfesyen pon kategori nafsu jugakkk)... ^_^

  2. asalkn ade ilmu yg cukup insyallah xkn kalh dgn nafsu.. :)